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Pileostegia viburnoides

Pileostegia viburnoides£9.95

Slow-growing evergreen climber, closly related to the climbing hydrangeaas. Large, leathery dark green leaves and large panicles of cream-white flowers in late summer. Prefers cool conditions. Native to India and China. Fully hardy. H: 5-6m

Schizophragma hydrangeoides£9.95

Fully hardy, deciduous climber from Japan, native to woodlands, thus preferring moist well drained soils and partial shade. Very attractive clusters of white flowers in summer. H: up to 10m

Vitis  'Brant'

Vitis 'Brant'£29.95

A vigorous sun-loving vine, grown for ornamental and culinary value. Lobed green leaves turn to vivid rich red and orange in the autumn. Dark purple, small, edible sweet grapes develop at the end of the summer. Hardy. H+W: 3-5m Grow on a south or west facing wall.

Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea'

Vitis vinifera 'Purpurea'£12.95

Vigorous vine with attractive lobed dark purple leaves. Purple grapes in the Autumn - edible. Potentially very large or cut back hard in spring to keep compact. Well drained. Full sun. Hardy.

Wisteria floribunda 'Lawrence'£14.95

Vigorous, woody climber, producing highly fragrant pendant racemes of pale violet-blue flowers, marked with deeper violet-purple keels. Foliage is pale green, turning to a buttery golden yellow in autumn. Grown in fertile soil and in full sun or part shade, and can be left to grow into a large tree or trained along a fence or pergola. Fully hardy. Height: 6-10m

Wisteria floribunda f.alba 'Shiro-noda'

Wisteria floribunda f.alba 'Shiro-noda'£12.95

Hardy, woody twining climber from the Far East. Ideal for growing over a pergola or into a tree. Long racemes of sweetly fragrant flowers. Grafted for best flowering performance. Prune back tow buds above ripe wood in mid-September. H:3-6m

Wisteria floribunda f.multijuga ' (syn. W. 'Macrobotrys')'£22.95

A wonderful vigorous climber with lovely long hanging flowers in spring. The violet and purple flower racemes can measure up to 1m and are sweetly scented. They appear in the spring just as the bright green foliage emerges. Grow in moist but freely draining soil in full sun or partial shade. Fully hardy.

Wisteria frutescens 'Amethyst Falls'£19.95

Woody climber bearing masses of fragrant lilac-mauve flowers in spring and again to a lesser extent in late summer. Less vigorous than other varieties, so could be kept in a container. Fully hardy, and a reliable flowerer. Unpruned height and spread: 5m and 3m, respectively.

Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria sinensis£14.95

Hardy, versatile, long-lived and woody climber, with pendant racemes of richly fragrant mauve to purple-lilac flowers in early summer. Grow against a warm wall, as a standard in the garden or into a tree or a pergola. Potentially very large, up to 12m in spread and 8m in height.

Wisteria sinensis 'Pink Ice (syn. Honbeni)'

Wisteria sinensis 'Pink Ice (syn. Honbeni)'£24.95

Arguably the best pink form of wisteria. Grow as a standard, or against a wall, or even into a tree. Easiest pruning method is to cut back new growth to two buds in early September. Fully hardy. Large.

Wisteria sinensis 'Yae-Kokuryu (syn. Black Dragon)'

Wisteria sinensis 'Yae-Kokuryu (syn. Black Dragon)'£14.95

Twining woody climber, whichcan be trained over trellis, up the fornt of the house or even into trees. Fragrant, double, purple flowers in early summer. Very hardy. Prune back to two buds in mid-September.

Wisteria sinensis var. sinensis 'f. alba'

Wisteria sinensis var. sinensis 'f. alba'£22.95

Vigorous twining climber with long racemes of sweetly fragrant white flowers in early summer. Prefers sun or light shade; prune back to close to main stems in mid-September. H: 5-9m

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Page 2 of 2:    24 Items

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