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Wisteria sinensis

Wisteria sinensis£14.95

Hardy, versatile, long-lived and woody climber, with pendant racemes of richly fragrant mauve to purple-lilac flowers in early summer. Grow against a warm wall, as a standard in the garden or into a tree or a pergola. Potentially very large, up to 12m in spread and 8m in height.

Wisteria sinensis 'f. alba'

Wisteria sinensis 'f. alba'£9.95

Vigorous twining climber with long racemes of sweetly fragrant white flowers in early summer. Prefers sun or light shade; prune back to close to main stems in mid-September. H: 5-9m

Wisteria sinensis 'Pink Ice (syn. Honbeni)'

Wisteria sinensis 'Pink Ice (syn. Honbeni)'£24.95

Arguably the best pink form of wisteria. Grow as a standard, or against a wall, or even into a tree. Easiest pruning method is to cut back new growth to two buds in early September. Fully hardy. Large.

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Page 3 of 3:    27 Items