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Cornus kousa 'Bultinck's Giant Flowers'

Cornus kousa 'Bultinck's Giant Flowers'
Price:  £45.95

Common name:  Chinese flowering dogwood
Type:  Ornamental trees
Aspect:  Prefers full sun
Colour:  White
Season:  Spring
Soil:  Moist and well drained
Size:  Medium
Delivery:  Mail order or collect in person
Image:  Eurodogwood



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Cornus kousa 'Bultinck's Giant Flowers' has been selected for its relatively compact size and unusually large flowers. This makes it especially suited to smaller gardens where it will grow into a medium to large sized shrub.

Plant in full sun in rich, fertile soil in either full sun or light shade. Cornus kousa 'Bultinck's Giant Flowers' is full hardy and will provide a stunning display or large creamy-white flowers (technically bracts) in spring, followed by large, ornamental red fruit in alte summer and into autumn.

Height after 10 years: about 1.5m