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Flowering Dogwood

Flowering dogwoods (Cornus nutallii, Cornus florida and Cornus kousa) are outstandingly beautiful, fully hardy woody shrubs, or, given perhaps a decade or more, small trees. 

Much admired for their masses of white or pink flowers (strictly speaking, the large bracts that surround the mass of tiny flowers), flowering dogwoods also put on a great show of autumn foliage colours in pink, reds and and yellows as well as the large red fruits which loosely resemble a cross between a lychee and a strawberry.  Whilst being entirely safe to eat, they are only moderately tasty, with a flavour akin to somewhat dilute peaches, so they are probably best left for the birds to enjoy.

Plant in fertile soils that do not get very dry (mulch with well-rotted manure or garden compost if in doubt) in full sun or light shade, and water well during the first summer whilst the root system is getting established.

Other than one or two varieties marked as 'smaller' plants, all our flowering dogwoods are in 7 litre pots, or larger, and are between 1 and 1.5m high and at least two years old.  Flowering dogwoods priced above £50 or more will be 3-4 years old, in 10, 15 or occasionally 20 litre pots and will be 2-3m in height.  If you contact us we can give you exact pot sizes and plant height for each variety.

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Page 1 of 1:    11 Items

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