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Flowering Dogwood

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Cornus kousa 'Blue Shadow'£39.95

Cornus kousa Blue Shadow was selected for its beautiful dark green leaf. The color of the leaves shows the flowers to their full advantage. Flowers from an early age. Plant in moist, fertile soil in full sun or light shade. Probable height after 10 years: 2.5m

Cornus kousa 'Bultinck's Giant'£39.95

Cornus kousa 'Bultinck's Giant Flowers' has been selected for its relatively compact size and unusually large flowers. This makes it especially suited to smaller gardens where it will grow into a medium to large sized shrub.

Cornus kousa 'Cappucino'

Cornus kousa 'Cappucino'£49.99

A small tree or large shrub, 'Cappucino' has been carefully selected for its beautiful dark red leaf which contrasts vividly with the large white flowers which fade gently to pink. Grow in fertile, moist but reasonably well drained soil in full sun or light shade. Can grow to a height of 3m after 10 years

Cornus kousa 'chinensis'

Cornus kousa 'chinensis'£29.99

Chinese. Extremely pretty deciduous tree, producing masses flowers that open cream turning white then pink in early summer. Happy in either sun or partial shade;. Purple/red autumn colouring. H:3-4m. Fully hardy.

Cornus kousa 'Miss Satomi'

Cornus kousa 'Miss Satomi'£39.95

Raised in Japan. More compact than its parent species, this is a reliably flowering variety and the large pink bracts make for a spectacular early summer display. The leaves turn vivid yellow and red in autumn. Best in full sun and rich soil. Fully hardy. H: 2-3m

Cornus kousa 'Moonbeam'

Cornus kousa 'Moonbeam'£49.99

'Moonbeam' was selected for its extra large flower, up to 15cm in diameter. Leaves are dark green, contrasting markedly with the cream white flowers. Also noted for a more open and vigorous growth than other 'kousa' varieties. Best in deep, fertile and reliably moist soil, in full sun or light shde. Fully hardy. H: 2-6m

Cornus kousa 'Samaratin  'Samzan''

Cornus kousa 'Samaratin 'Samzan''£39.95

A spectacular deciduous shrub with attractive creamy-white margined mid green leaves up to 8cm long. This flowering dogwood forms a large shrub or small tree and produces flower heads surrounded by 4 tapered bracts to 5cm long. Hardy but doesn't like exposed, windy situations. H: 5m. Best in cool, partial shade.

Cornus kousa 'Schmetterling'

Cornus kousa 'Schmetterling'£39.95

A more stocky than usual form, with large pure white flowers bracts in early summer. Good aurutmn colour as the leaves turn to yellow, red and orange. Best in full sun or light shade in richer and somewhat moister soils. Mulch well with well-rotted garden compost if in doubt. Fully hardy. H:2m

Cornus kousa 'Summer Fun'£39.95

Cornus kousa ‘Summerfun’ was selected for its beautiful white-edged leaves that don’t get sun burned in the bright sun (leaf scorch). The leaves are also a bit oblong shaped. The autumn colouring of the leaves is yellow and red, this mixed with the variegated colour makes a spectacular sight.

Cornus kousa 'Teutonia'

Cornus kousa 'Teutonia'£39.95

Highly desireable large shrub or small tree, pretty much guaranteed to be the THE talking point in the garden when it comes into flower, bearing a mass of flowers, each carrying large pure white bracts. Red fruits follow in the autumn, the season ending with a fanfare of flaming red foliage. Fully hardy. Moist and fertile soils preferred. H: 2-3m

Cornus kousa var. chinensis 'China Girl'

Cornus kousa var. chinensis 'China Girl'£39.95

Deciduous tree or large shrub. Dark green oval leaves turning red in autumn. Excellent kousa cultivar with very large creamy-white flower bracts in early summer. Full sun or semi shade on soil rich in organic matter and not prone to getting very dry - mulch if necessary. Hardy. H:2-5m.

Cornus kousa var. chinensis 'Wieting's Select'

Cornus kousa var. chinensis 'Wieting's Select'£39.95

New variety, noted for its generous display of large creamy-white flowers, and vivid red-maroon autumn leaf colour. Large, bright red fruits persist into winter. Fully hardy and robust, prefering rich soils that are moist but reasonably well drained; happy in full sun or dappled shade.. H: 3-4m

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Page 2 of 3:    29 Items