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Cydonia oblonga 'Meech's Prolific'

Cydonia oblonga 'Meech's Prolific'£39.95

Like all quinces, has fruiting and ornamental qualities producing large, subtle pink flowers and very large, pear-shaped fruit. Yellow when ripe. Self fertile.

Cydonia oblonga 'Vranja'£35.00

Fantastic fruiting and flowering tree. Pale pink blowsy flowers in spring. Large yellow fruits (ideal for jelly making) in late autumn. Hardy. Full sun. Well drained soil. H: 5m.

Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'

Ficus carica 'Brown Turkey'£18.95

Probably the best variety for fruiting in the UK. Prefers full sun or light shade, with shelter from cold winds. Fully hardy. H: 3m

Malus domestica 'Chiver's Delight (MM106)'£22.95

Late season dessert apple, largely self-fertile. Best in full sun and moist but well drained and fertile solis. Grafted on to MM106 root stock so will grow to about 3m in height. Red-flushed fruit that will keep in to mid-winter. Pollination group 4

Malus domestica 'Discovery'£24.95

Dessert apple with sweet and sharp favour. Attractive red flushed fruit. Compact as a tree. Flowering group 3. MM106 rootstock. 3-4m

Malus domestica 'Egremont Russett'£24.95

Classic Victorian eating apple. Characteristic nutty favour and dry flesh. Excellent with cheese and in salad. Golden skin. Flowering group 2. Partly self fertile. MM106 rootstock. Trim after floweering in summer and perform major pruning as required in late winter. 3-4m

Malus domestica 'Elstar (MM106)'£22.95

Developed in the Netherlands in 1973 as a cross between the varieties Ingrid Marie and Golden Delicious. Elstar is well known to be heavy cropping with fruit that develop a red flush with stripes and to keep well, and can be eaten from October to December. Flavour is sweetly intense with honey notes. Plant in full sun and fertile moist soil, Pollination group 3. Height on the MM106 root stock will be 3-4m

Malus domestica 'Fiesta'£24.95

Dessert. Attractive red and orange flushed fruits. Crisp, juicy and sweetly flavoured. Mid-late season. Keeps up to 3 months. AGM. Partially self-fertile. Flowering group 4. MM106. 3-4m.

Malus domestica 'James Grieve'£24.95

A savoury, juicy apple with strong acidity at first, which then mellows as the fruit matures during September. Early in the cropping season it makes a sweet cooking apple, but then subsequenly can be eaten as a dessert apple. Raised in Scotland in the 19th Century. Plant in full sun in rich soil.

Malus domestica 'Laxton's Superb (MM106)'£22.95

Classic Victorian dessert apple. Sweet appley favour and firm flesh. Red/gold fruit. Keeps up to 2 months. Ripens late. Flowering group 4. MM106. Final height 3-4m

Malus domestica 'Lord Derby'£22.95

Mid-season traditional English cooker, raised in 1862 in Cheshire. The green flushed red fruit are ready fro cropping a little eariler than Bramley, in September and will keep for a couple of months. Lord Derby is a heavy cropper and easy to grow and is in flowering group 4.

Plant in moist and fertile soils that are reasonably well drained, although Lord Derby is perhaps a little more resisitant to winter wet than some other apples. Final height on the MM106 rootstock will be 3-4m

Malus domestica 'Norfolk Royal Russet (MM106)'£22.95

Norfolk Royal Russet is a russeted form of Norfolk Royal - once a popular dessert apple but now quite rare. This is a sport that layers a lovely golden russet colour over the parent's bright red and pale yellow colour. Flesh is quite dry, with asweet flavour - some would say like that of a pear. Vigorous and productive, the fruit will ripen in about September and be kept until Christmas, possibly into the New Year as well. Fully hardy.

Plant Norfolk Royal Russet in full sun in moist, fertile soils. final height on MM106 will be in the region of 3 to 4 metres.

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