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Prunus domestica 'Victoria'£24.95

Excellent dessert plum. Green/purple fruit and yellow flesh. Self-fertile, and very reliable, will crop heavily once established. Leave on tree for better favour. Pruning is best carried out during active growth, after flowering. H:3-4.5m. St Julien A rootstock

Prunus insititia 'Farleigh Damson'£24.95

Classic English damson. Cropping heavy. Rich damson favour. Rich purple fruit. Ripens mid-late season. Very hardy. Pollination group 3. Good disease resistance. St Julien A rootstock

Pyrus communis 'Beth'£24.95

A compact dessert pear, ideal for training as a fan or esaplaier on a wall, or for growing as a stand-alone tree. White flowers in the spring and a early crop of sweet and very tasty yellow-green fruit. Very prolific, so thin fruits if necessary. Best in full sun, rich soil and moderately well protected from cold northerly winds. H:3-4m in time.

Pyrus domestica 'Beurré Hardy'£24.95

Dessert. Large rounded fruit. Golden flushed red fruit. Pick fruit mid-September but ripen for a few days before eating.

Pyrus domestica 'Concorde'£24.95

Dessert pear. Similar to Conference which is one of its parents. Green sweet fruit. Excellent variety. Quince A, medium vigour rootstock, giving a tree 3-4m in height after a decade.

Pyrus domestica 'Conference'£24.95

One of the most reliable of dessert pears. Green, sweet fruit. Self-fertile. Grows to about 3m on the Quince A rootstock.

Pyrus domestica 'Doyenné du Comice'£24.95

Dessert. Introduced from France 1849. Large, rounded green flushed red fruits. Fine favour. Pick in late season. Store until mid-winter. Quince A mideium-vigour rootstock.

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Page 3 of 3:    31 Items