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Actaea 'Pink Spike'

Actaea  'Pink Spike'
Actaea  'Pink Spike'Actaea  'Pink Spike'Actaea  'Pink Spike'Actaea  'Pink Spike'
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Common name:  Bugbane
Type:  Herbaceous
Aspect:  Prefers partial shade
Colour:  Pink
Season:  Autumn
Soil:  Moist
Size:  Medium
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Hardy perennial from north American woodlands, with delicate, deeply dissected purple-green foliage, and tall spires of sweetly fragrant pink flowers in mid-late summer.

Best in reliably moist, humus-rich soil in semi-shade, conditions which most closely approximate the natural temperate woodland setting that this plant thrives in in the wild. .

Actaea 'Pink Spike' is very attractive to butterflies and is fully hardy. Ultimate height of the flowering stems may be as much as 2m, whilst the bulk of the foliage will be at a height of perhaps half that.