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Paeonia suffruticosa 'Pink cultivar'

Paeonia suffruticosa 'Pink cultivar'
Paeonia suffruticosa 'Pink cultivar'Paeonia suffruticosa 'Pink cultivar'Paeonia suffruticosa 'Pink cultivar'
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Common name:  Peony
Type:  Herbaceous
Aspect:  Prefers full sun
Colour:  Pink
Season:  Summer
Soil:  Moist and well drained
Size:  Large
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Mountain or Tree Paeony. Superb hardy, shrubby and deciduous perennial, native of Chinese mountains, capable of growing to between 1-2m in height.

A stiff-branched, deciduous shrub, with a rather sparse habit when in the leafless state, but of luxuriant aspect when in full leaf. Whilst rarely growing to more 2m in the UK and it can attain twice that height in China.

Large, brilliantly coloured flowers are borne in early summer, each a mass of soft pink petals with a prominent central crown of golden stamens - very sweetly perfumed. Plant in rich soil that is fertile, moist and well drained, preferably in full sun or light shade - digging in well rotted manure, and mulching with manure in winter would be very beneficial.

Paeonia suffruticosa is a native of northern China, in the provinces of Shensi, Kansu, and perhaps Szechwan, but has become rare in the wild. Domesticated as early as the 7th century AD when the Tang dynasty had its capital at Changan. The first plants to be cultivated were brought into the imperial gardens from their native hills and as its popularity spread, it came to be raised from seed. This lead to natural hybridisation and the origin of the various colours we enjoy today. The plants we offer are all grafted and thus remain true to the description given here.

Paeonia suffruticosa is a truly spectacular flowering shrub that is actually perfectly easy to grow and trouble free. It is also fully hardy.