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Herbaceous perennials bring a riot of colours into the garden. We offer hundreds of different varieties which are suitable for all sorts of situations and for  flowering at almost any time of year
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Aquilegia flabellata 'Cameo Pink'

Aquilegia flabellata 'Cameo Pink'£3.95

A very compact from of columbine, bearing delightful soft pink flowers above fern-like foliage from spring and into early summer. Ideal for rockeries or for a small pot, fully hardy and happy in full sun or dappled shade in moist but well drained soils. Fully hardy. Final height will be no more than about 10cm

Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila f. kurilensis 'Rosea'

Aquilegia flabellata var. pumila f. kurilensis 'Rosea'£3.50

Very pretty dwarf columbine, with nodding salmon pink and cream flowers from May to June. Enjoys full sun or dappled shade in soils that remain slightly moist. Fully hardy and easy to grow. H: 10-20cm

Aquilegia vulgaris 'Heidi (syn. Antique Pink)'

Aquilegia vulgaris 'Heidi (syn. Antique Pink)'£4.50

Lovely spring flowering hardy perennial, perfect for dappled shade or full sun in moist but well drained soils. Pink, nodding flowers in spring and early summer. Responds well to being cut for flowers which will stimulate further flowering shoots. Fully hardy. H: up to 70cm when established.

Arctanthemum arcticum

Arctanthemum arcticum£4.95

Low growing, sun-loving hardy perennial, producing a long lasting display of white or pink daisy-like flowers throughout much of the summer. Prefers a sunny and well drained location. Full hardy. H:about 20cm

Arisarum proboscideum

Arisarum proboscideum£3.95

Rhizomatous herbaceous perennial found in moist shaded woodland. Grow in humus rich moisture retentive soil. White tubed purple striped spathes occur in early spring appearing underneath little arrow-head shaped leaves. the spathes have an elongated tip which forms the 'mouse tail'. Hardy. H: 10cm.

Artemisia lactiflora 'Guizhou Group'

Artemisia lactiflora 'Guizhou Group'£6.95

Clump-forming hardy perennial, with dark green foliage and purple flushed stems. Spreading panicles of cream flowers in late summer. Sun. Well drained or even dry soil preferred. H+W:1.5m

Asphodeline lutea

Asphodeline lutea£5.50

Striking plant for a sunny well drained border. Grey-green thin basal leaves. Bright yellow flowers on a tall flower spike in early summer and later. H:70cm. Hardy.

Aster ageratoides 'Starshine'£4.95

Late summer flowering hardy perennial, with unusually high resistance to mildew, and a long lasting and splendid display of yellow-centred white flowers. Plant in full sun or light shade in rich and moist soil (dig in well rotted manure or garden compost if in doubt).

Aster divaricatus '(Syn. Eurybia divaricata)'

Aster divaricatus '(Syn. Eurybia divaricata)'£4.50

Formerly known as Aster divaricatus. Hardy rhizomatous perennial from eastern USA. Noted for dark purple stems and clusters of white/yellow flowers in late summer. Fully hardy. Happy in any decent soil in full sun to partial shade. H:60cm

Astilbe  'Deutschland'

Astilbe 'Deutschland'£5.50

Clump forming perennial which will tolerate sun but prefers moist shady conditions. Attractive feathery leaves. Spires of pure white flowers in mid summer. Hardy. H:60cm.

Astilbe chinensis 'Milk and Honey'

Astilbe chinensis 'Milk and Honey'£5.95

Herbaceous clump forming perennial. Generous creamy-white flower plumes in summer that turn light pink as they age giving a lovely bi- colour effect . Vigorous. Deer and rabbit resistant. Light shade and some moisture preferred. H: 50cm.

Astrantia 'White Angel'£5.50

Lovely, fully hardy herbaceous perennial. Mounds of rich green foliage provide the perfect background for the pure white 'pin cushion' flowers that will be produced over a long summer season. Great for bees and other pollinating insects. Plant in moist but well drained soil in full sun or light shade. Fully hardy. H: about 40cm

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