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Herbaceous perennials bring a riot of colours into the garden. We offer hundreds of different varieties which are suitable for all sorts of situations and for  flowering at almost any time of year
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Centaurea bella£4.95

A lovely little hardy perennial forming an attractive mound of silvery-green divided leaves. Beautiful dusky pink shaggy flowers with a paler centre form on the plants throughout the summer. H: 20cm Dry soil preferred in full sun.

Centaurea dealbata 'Steenbergii'£5.50

Excellent subject for hot and dry spots, being native to meadows and rocky slopes in Asia Minor. Deeply divided foliage and red-purple flowers in early summer. Hardy. H:1m

Centaurea ruthenica£4.95

Hardy perennial for a sunny spot in any decent soil. Attractive dark green and deeply divided (pinnatifid) foliage, and sulphur-yellow thistle-like flower heads in mid-suumer. Best in full sun. H: 120

Cephalaria gigantea

Cephalaria gigantea£5.95

Giant Scabious. Lovely back of the border plant. Pale lemon pin-cushion flowerheads borne throughout summer. H:2m. Hardy. Grow in sun or partial shade in well drained soil.

Chrysanthemum  'Esther'

Chrysanthemum 'Esther'£5.50

Hardy woody perennial suitable for full sun or some shade. Double apricot flowers fading to pale pink in late summer. H:60cm. Freely draining soil.

Chrysanthemum 'Mrs Jessie Cooper'£4.50

Late summer flowering hardy perennial, bearing masses of bright pink flowers with a golden yellow centre. Loves lots of sunshine and moist, fertile soil. Much loved by bees and butterflies and very good as a cut flowers as well. H:60cm

Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum'

Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum'£5.95

Clump forming perennial, loosley reembling a very refined thistle - less the spines!. Small and intensely dark red flowers float over the border on tall stems - very attractive to bees. Valuable plant for a sunny border. Fully hardy. H:1m

Colchicum speciosum 'Album'£6.50

Autumn crocus. Beautiful large goblet-shaped snowy white flowers with emerald green tube throughout late summer into the autumn. Fleshy leaves early on in the year. H:30cm. Hardy. Well drained moisture retentive soil.

Coreopsis  'Solar Dance'

Coreopsis 'Solar Dance'£5.50

Hardy, sun-loving perennial, producing masses of cheerful yellow daisy-like flowers throughout summer. Dead head from time to time to encourage further blooms. Very easy going and over a few seasons will grow into a handsome clump. Enjoys quite well drained soils and is very hardy. H: 30cm

Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'

Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'£4.95

Fully hardy, medium-sized perennial for a sunny site. Delicate fern-like foliage and masses of golden lemon-yellow flowers throughout summer. H: 60cm

Crinum powelli 'album'£6.95

A long bulb neck bears arching leaves and umbels of up to ten large fragrant flared white flowers in late summer. Deep well-drained soil in full sun. H:1m. Hardy

Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora 'Emily McKenzie'£4.50

Mid green strap like leaves. Large bright orange flowers with darker centre in late summer. H:60cm. Full sun or semi shade. Hardy.

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Page 8 of 36:    431 Items