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Herbaceous perennials bring a riot of colours into the garden. We offer hundreds of different varieties which are suitable for all sorts of situations and for  flowering at almost any time of year
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Phlox maculata 'Monica Lynden-Bell'

Phlox maculata 'Monica Lynden-Bell'£5.95

Robust clump forming perennial best suited to semi-shade. Pale pink and white scented flowers and dark buds. H:75cm. Hardy.

Phlox paniculata 'Laura (Syn. 'Uspekh')'

Phlox paniculata 'Laura (Syn. 'Uspekh')'£5.95

Lovely herbaceous perennial Relatively large mauve-pink flowers with pale central eye in the height of summer - makes an outstanding cut flower. Will appeal to bees and butterflies. Full sun or partial shade and richer, moister soils for best reults. Fully hardy. H:60-70cm.

Phlox paniculata 'Natascha'

Phlox paniculata 'Natascha'£6.50

Very charming high-summer flowering perennial, with strongly striped pink and white flowers in abundance. Best in full sun and in soils that do not get too dry - mulch if necessary. Fully hardy. H: 60cm

Phygelius  'Candydrop Purple'

Phygelius 'Candydrop Purple'£5.50

Woody perennial with semi-evergreen lance shaped dark green leaves. Produces large spays of pendant tubular mauven-purple flowers throughout the summer. Plant in full sun in rich, moist but well drained soil; drought tolerant once established. Hardy, but best planted in a sheltered position with a dry mulch in the autumn to give winter protection. Feed periodically to sustain maximum flowering. H:50-80cm.

Physostegia  'Summer Snow'

Physostegia 'Summer Snow'£5.95

Erect, deciduous rhizomatous perennial. Lance shaped leaves. Bears tall spires of white flowers from midsummer to early autumn. Plant in moist and well drained soil in full sun or light shade. Fully hardy. H:90cm

Physostegia virginiana var. speciosa 'Bouquet Rose'

Physostegia virginiana var. speciosa 'Bouquet Rose'£4.95

Clump forming perennial flowering in late summer throughout the autumn. This attractive cultivar has long-lasting spires of pale lilac-pink flowers long into the autumn. Grow in any sunny or partially shaded spot in a moist but well drained soil H: 90cm.

Polemonium  'Northern Lights'

Polemonium 'Northern Lights'£5.95

Dainty, fully hardy perennial for a sunny or lightly shaded position in reasonably good, fertile soil that does not get very dry. Finely divided foliage, largely evergreen. In early summer tall flowering stems are topped with clusters of richly coloured sky blue flowers with an exquisite 'sweet pea' fragrance. Good for bees and butterflies. H: 50cm

Polemonium carneum

Polemonium carneum£4.95

Clump forming perennial. Variably-coloured bell-shaped flowers, from light mauve through pale pink to soft peach-apricot in early summer. Does best in full sun but will happily tolerate light shade . Grows wild throughout much of the USA. Fully hardy. H: 50cm+

Polygonatum humile

Polygonatum humile£3.50

A very dwarf Solomon's seal from Japan and China. Oval, alternate leaves and in spring tubular white flowers hang from the leaf axils. Best suited to cooler woodland-type conditions. Fully hardy. H: 15cm

Potentilla recta 'var. sulphurea'

Potentilla recta 'var. sulphurea'£5.95

Exceptionally attractive hardy perennial, with clusters of delicately coloured creamy-yellow flowers. Prefers full sun. H: 40cm

Pratia angulata 'Treadwellii'

Pratia angulata 'Treadwellii'£3.95

Charming, very low-growing and creeping hardy perennial, ideal for tumbling over low walls, or creeping alongside paths and so on. Carpets of small white-very pale blue flowers in summer. Enjoys full sun and any decent garden soil. Fully hardy. H: 5cm

Primula 'Port Wine'£3.50

Compact form of primrose. Strikingly deep pink-purple flowers in spring. Fully hardy. Prefers moist and shady location. H:10cm

Primula  'Sue Jervis'

Primula 'Sue Jervis'£4.50

A rare form of early flowering primrose, with double pale salmon-pink flowers emerging from a basal rosette of light green leaves. Plant in light shade and in moist but reasonably freely draining soil, rich in organic matter such as well-rotted garden compost. Fully hardy. H:10cm.

Primula auricula 'Crimson Glow'

Primula auricula 'Crimson Glow'£3.50

A lovely double crimson auricula, flowering in the spring. Prefers partial shade in a well drained soil. Fully hardy. H:10cm.

Primula auricula 'Green Elg'

Primula auricula 'Green Elg'£6.50

Rare and very pretty show auricula, Flowers in spring are an extraordinary mix of concentric rings of green, red, white and golden yellow. Perfect for a pot, kept in a cool position and not allowed to become dried out. Fully hardy. Height: 10cm

Primula auricula 'Rabley Heath'

Primula auricula 'Rabley Heath'£4.50

Auricula. Flowers with light centres, deep purple outers with a plae edge. Lightly fragrant. Perfect for a pot, kept in a colol position. Keep moist but not sodden. Fully hardy. H: about 15cm

Primula beesiana

Primula beesiana£3.95

Deciduous rosette-forming candelabra primula. Two to three whorls of intensely coloured pink/purple/reddish pink/orange flowers in early summer. Prefers partial shadeand moist soil, or if there is sufficient moisture will be happy in full sun. Fully hardy. H: 60cm

Primula bulleyana

Primula bulleyana£4.50

A hardy, candelabra primula (perennial) from wet meadows in Yunnan Province, China. Tall flowering stems emerge from a leaf rosette, with pinkish buds opening to orange flowers. H: about 30cm

Primula frondosa

Primula frondosa£3.50

Easy to grow alpine primula, native to Bulgaria where it grows in woodland and scrub at 900-2000m altitude. Forms a rosette of grey-green spathulate (spoon-like) foliage above which are held umbels of up to 30 pinkish-lilac flowers in spring. Enjoys sharp drainage and cool conditions and will certainly handsomely reward a little effort to make it comfortable!. Fully hardy. H: 10-12cm

Primula juliae£4.50

Hardy clump forming perennial with bright green basal leaves. Flush of pink-purple flowers on 1 inch flower stalks throughout the spring. Plant in moist, cool soils in dappled shade - does well in pots as well. Fully hardy. H: 10-15cm

Primula x bulleesiana

Primula x bulleesiana£3.95

Candelabra primula. Herbaceous perennial suitable for a shady moist spot. Whorls of carmine red, mid pink and tangerine flowers in early summer. Self seeds. H: 50cm. Fully Hardy.

Pulmonaria saccharata 'Dora Bieleveld'£4.95

Clump-forming and evergreen hardy perennial with characterisitcally spotted leaves, hence the common name 'lungwort'. A woodland specialist it will prefer shade and moister soils that are rich in organic matter such as leaf litter. Pale pink flowers from late winter to late spring. Fully hardy and easy to grow in a well chosen position. Height will be about 25cm, eventually spreading to form a nice clump.

Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Alba'

Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Alba'£4.50

White form of this beautiful hardy perennial, with softly downy foliage and large cup-shaped flowers in spring. Prefers sun and well drained soil. Happy on chalk. Fully hardy. H: 20cm

Pycnanthemum muticum£4.50

An aromatic, fully hardy, herbaceous perennial from the eastern USA where it thrives in meadows and grasslands. Produces clusters of tiny white or pale lavender flowers that will attract bees and other pollinating insects such as butterflies. Fully hardy, Grow in moist but well drained soils. H:about 60cm

Rodgersia aesculifolia

Rodgersia aesculifolia£5.95

Clump forming hardy perennial. Large and very showy mid-green leaves 25cm long with hairy stems (5-9 obovate toothed leaflets). Delicate panicles of tiny pink-white star shaped flowers on tall stems in summer.Rodgersia aesculifolia enjoys full sun or partial shade and moist humus-rich soils. It can also be planted in nearly waterlogged soils, where it will grow to its full potential and put on a bold and architectural display of large leaves in addition to the bee-friendly spires of flowers. Height: about 1m

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