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Symphyotrichum foliaceum

Price:  £3.50

Common name:  Aster
Type:  Herbaceous
Aspect:  Prefers full sun
Colour:  Blue
Season:  Summer
Soil:  Moist and well drained
Size:  Medium
Delivery:  Mail order or collect in person
Image:  WTGN



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Clumps of deep green foliage and upright stems topped with heads of lavender-blue flowers in late summer. 50cm. Best in good soil in full sun, ideal with grasses like Panicum.

In time Symphyotrichum foliaceum will make good clumps, slowly spreading but not troublesome. Superficially similar to wild types of Symphyotrichum (Aster) novi-belgii but a more elegant, delicate looking, but tough plant. Mildew is only a problem if the soil is too dry or in periods of drought, and it will recover well the next season.

Tolerates some shade but seems best in the UK in full sun, perhaps if you have a drier soil then the shade is a good idea.

Native to part shaded areas in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Alaska and neighboring parts of Canada. Fully hardy!

Formerly Aster foliaceus.