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Amelanchier laevis 'R.J. Hilton'

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Common name:  Snowy Mespilis
Type:  Ornamental trees
Aspect:  Prefers full sun
Colour:  White
Season:  Spring
Soil:  Moist and well drained
Size:  Medium
Delivery:  Collection only
Image:  WTGN



In stock (if collecting, please ring first)

Amelanchier laevis 'R.J. Hilton' forms a small spreading and deciduous tree. In spring, the young emerging foliage is a deep coppery -red colour, a much deep colour than other forms of Amelanchier, and which together with masses of white flowers opening from pink buds, makes a very fine contrast.

The flowers are followed by edible blue-black berries in summer. The foliage is mid-green during summer and then turns to rich red and orange in autumn.

Amelanchier 'R.J. Hilton' tolerates all decent soil types, in other words not very dry in high summer or entirely water logged in winter, enjoys any aspect from a fully sunny position to really quite shaded and is fully hardy. All in all a very fine small ornamental tree Final height will be in the region of 2-4m