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Betula pendula 'Golden Cloud (smaller plants)'

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Common name:  Golden Weeping Birch
Type:  Ornamental trees
Aspect:  Tolerant
Colour:  Gold
Season:  Summer
Soil:  Moist and well drained
Size:  Medium
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A rare and unusual form of medium-sized and very hardy birch, with bright golden greeny-yellow foliage, each leaf forming a diamond shape with serrated edges. The overall habit is narrowly conical, making this tree ideal for small gardens where its golden foliage will shine out. As the tree matures the cream-cinnamon bark becomes gnarled and deeply fissured. Fully hardy and very tolerant of different soil types and any planting position from full sun to dappled shade, the latter perhaps being preferred as very hot sun may lead to a little leaf-scorching.

Betula pendula 'Golden Cloud' will grow to a final height of 4-8m with a width of 3-4m depending on soil fertility and moisture availability.