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Betula utilis var. jacquemontii 'Doorenbos (Syn.'Snow Queen')(smaller plants)'

Betula utilis var. jacquemontii 'Doorenbos  (Syn.'Snow Queen')(smaller plants)'
 Betula utilis var. jacquemontii 'Doorenbos  (Syn.'Snow Queen')(smaller plants)'Betula utilis var. jacquemontii 'Doorenbos  (Syn.'Snow Queen')(smaller plants)' 
Price:  £29.95

Type:  Ornamental trees
Aspect:  Tolerant
Colour:  Green
Season:  Spring
Soil:  Moist
Size:  Medium
Delivery:  Unavailable until COVID19 lockdown ends
Image:  WTGN



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Excellent medium-sized garden tree, especially when planted in groups. Brilliant white bark and mid green leaves. Prefers full sun and moist but well drained soil. Casts light dappled shade so companion planting will not suffer.. Fully hardy. H: 6-8m

As we are a small and very busy working nursery we do not have the capacity to continually update pot size information on our web shop as we are continually propagating and potting plants up so any one plant type may be in different pot sizes at different times of year.  However, we hope the following notes will be useful

1.  We do not sell any plants in 'plug' sizes - all our plants are of a size that is appropriate for planting out in the garden.

2.  Early in the year herbaceous perennials may be in 9cm (1/2 litre) or one litre pots.  As we enter summer a lot of herbaceous perennials move on to 2 litre, 3 litre and occasionally 4 or even 5 litre pots.

3.  Shrubs are generally in 2 litre pots at minimum, moving up to 3, 4 and 5 litres as appropriate, occasionally 7.5 litres or even 10 litres

4. Our smallest trees may be in 3 litre pots but are generally in 7.5 to 10 litre pots, some moving on to 15 litres and occasionally 20 litres

5.  Flowering dogwoods, on of our specialities are in pots ranging from 7.5 litres to 15 or occasionally 20 litre pots.

If you want to know the specific pots size of a plant please use the 'contact us' feature on the web shop, or call us on 01953 488163, although as we spend so much time on the guessed it... propagating and potting up plants you may need to leave a message which we will endeavour to answer the same day.