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Cedrus libani ''Glauca' (Cedrus atlantica glauca)'

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Large evergreen conifer with a quite narrow habit when young but in time matures to form a magnificent and stately spreading crown.

Compared to the rich green of it parent Cedrus libani, the true 'Cedar of Lebanon, Cedrus libani 'Glauca' has distinctive silvery blue-green foliage as well as ranks of large upright cones.. Grows in most conditions but will require space to fulfill its full potential as an outstanding ornamental tree - please do not plant this tree just a few metres away from the house - it will definitely outgrow the space and have to be felled..

Sometimes referred to as Cedrus libani subsp. atlantica 'Glauca', but that implies its origins lie in Atlas Mountains in Morocco, far to the west and close to the Atlantic Ocean rather than the more arid eastern Mediterranean,

Eventual Height: 10-20m