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Ornamental trees

We stock a large range of ornamental trees, to suit all gardens small and large.  Other than during the early winter period, our trees are containerised into pots, ranging from 7.5 litres to 20 litres.  The great majority of our trees are 6 to 8 feet tall and will readily fit into an estate car.

We are happy to deliver trees, charges being based on the return mileage from the nursery.

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Prunus litigiosa

Prunus litigiosa£39.95

Perfect for smaller gardens, Prunus litigiosa has a distinctly upright and columnar habit, taking up very little space. Produces masses of pure white flowers in spring, each hanging on its own stem, and each flower has pendant stamens, the overall effect being most distinctive and very pretty. Fully hardy and easy to grow in fertile, moist and well drained soil. H: 3m

Prunus padus 'Colorata'

Prunus padus 'Colorata'£44.95

This is a very beautiful form of the European Bird Cherry, with plum-purple shoots and pale pink flowers in drooping racemes; orange-red foliage in autumn. Full sun required for best flowering, but very tolerant of poor soils. Fully hardy. H: about 7m

Prunus sargentii '(Smaller Plants)'£17.95

Spreading and deciduous tree with large elliptical leaves, with glorious orange-red colour in autumn; clusters pale pink in spring and crimson fruit in autumn. Native to Japan, China and E.Russia. H: 7-8m in East Anglia.

Prunus serrula£37.50

Beautiful ornamental tree with copper (looks varnished) bark that peels. Small insignificant white flowers In late spring. Oval dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn. Native to Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in south-west China. H:10m. Hardy.

Prunus x incam 'Okamè'

Prunus x incam 'Okamè'£39.95

Deciduous tree bearing masses of small cup-shaped, carmine-pink flowers in early spring whilst in autumn the dark green foliage turns from orange to red. Rounded habit and good for smaller gardens. H+S: 6-8m

Prunus x yedoensis

Prunus x yedoensis£39.95

Raised in Japan and not found in the wild; often referred to as the Tokyo Cherry due to the huge numbers planted there. Masses of pale pink-white flowers in spring. Excellent choice for a lawn specimen. Fully hardy. Height: 5-7m

Quercus bicolor 'Windcandle'

Quercus bicolor 'Windcandle'£24.95

A rare oak from eastern USA, often found in moister soils, although it will grow perfectly happily in moist but well drained soils. A very distinctly narrow habit with light green foliage and a nice display of yellow and bronze in the autumn. Fully hardy and capable of growing to perhaps 25m or so.

Quercus castaneifolia£24.95

Vigorous, distinctly narrow oak from Iran, the Caucasus and southern Russia. Foliage is rich glossy green above and grey-green below, superficially resembling the leaves of sweet chestnut Castanea sativa. Very striking and unusual ornamental tree that does not take up a great deal of romm with its narrow habit. Fully hardy. Height eventually 10 to 20m, with spread about 1/3 of the height.

Quercus castaneifolia 'Green Spire'

Quercus castaneifolia 'Green Spire'£24.95

A vigorous, fully hardy tree with a narrow habit and narrowly oval, shiny, toothed foliage, loosely resembling the Sweet Chestnut, hence the Latin species name 'castaneifolia'. Will form a very handsome and robust feature tree even in quite a small space. Height: 10-20m

Quercus glauca

Quercus glauca£24.95

Rare, evergreen oak from eastern and southern Asia. The leaves are initially a distinct purple-crimson in spring, maturing to glossy green above and downy blue-green on the undersides with a serrated margin. Acorns are held in distinctly ringed cups and are said to be edible. Prefers moist and well drained soils in full sun or light shade. Final height may be 15-20m. Fully hardy.

Quercus ilex

Quercus ilex£35.00

Native to the Mediterranean fringe east to Pakistan, this extremely hardy, evergreen oak will form a handsome, broadly spreading tree up to 15-20m in height. Full sun or semi shade.

Quercus myrsinifolia

Quercus myrsinifolia£24.95

Quercus myrsinifolia is an evergreen oak from east central and southeast China, Japan, Korea, Laos, northern Thailand, and Vietnam. The mid-green leaves loosely resemble the foliage of bamboo, hence the common name, but the production of 'ring-cupped' acorns most certainly identify this as an oak. Fully hardy and growing into a very beautiful specimen. Rare in cultivation. Height might eventually reach some 20m.

Quercus petraea£34.95

Very handsome long lived deciduous tree, capable of reaching great age and size, and one of two 'English oak' species. Prefers full sun. Can reach about 15 to 20m when mature. Lobed, dark green and slightly glossy leaves with a short stalk, and acorns growing directly off stems distinguish this species from Q. robur. . In time will produce a multi-branched, rounded crown, a classic element in the British landscape. Critically important tree for supporting wildlife, hosting dozens if not hundreds of insect species when mature. Very hardy and tolerant.

Quercus pontica£28.95

Rare deciduous tree, sometimes grown as a multi-stemmed shrub.. Native to the Caucasus, north-east Turkey and Armenia. Very large dark green leaves, up to 20cm in length, changing to yellow in autumn and then to brownish-copper in winter. Grow in full or light shade on moist, fertile but well drained soils. Fully hardy. H: 4-6m.

Quercus robur

Quercus robur£39.95

Very handsome long lived deciduous tree, capable of reaching great age and size. Prefers full sun. H: can reach 35m when mature. Lobed and nearly sessile (short-stalked) leaves. Flowers in the spring and acorns (2cm long with a peduncle or stalk) in the autumn. Eventually produces wonderful gnarled branches. Hardy

Quercus shumardii

Quercus shumardii£29.95

Quercus shumardii (Shumard oak) is native to the Atlantic coastal plain and much of south and eastern USA, as far north as southern Canada. A very handsome ornamental tree, capable of becoming very large indeed, given a couple of centuries of course, and noted for the large leaves (up to 20cm in length) which are dark green, turning to rich red late in the year. The acorns are unusual, inasmuch that they may take up to three years to mature, reaching up to 30mm in diameter, very much larger than our native English oaks. Grow in fertile, reasonably moist but well drained soils in full sun, or light shade which is marginally preferred. Final height may be as much as 20m with a crown width of some 10m

Quercus texana

Quercus texana£24.95

A a fast-growing, large deciduous oak tree, native to the south-central USA. Llaves with sharp pointed lobes somewhat similar to pin oak (Quercus palustris). Will reliably provide striking red autumn foliage colours and will tolerate wet soils. Fully hardy and easy to grow Quercus texana is known to grow to as much as 25m tall in the wild.

Quercus x hispanica 'Waasland Select'

Quercus x hispanica 'Waasland Select'£35.00

A semi-evergreen to fully evergreen medium-size tree or large shrub with a round to flat-topped spherical crown, 6 to 12 m tall. The bark is dark grey and deeply grooved. Narrow and elliptical leaves have a variable margin from smooth to serrated and are dark green above but silvery grey below. Fully hardy and thriving in fertile and reasonably moist soils.

Quercus x warei 'Wind Candle'

Quercus x warei 'Wind Candle'£24.95

Unusual, indeed rare, form of oak with a very narrow growth habit. A hybrid of English oak Quercus robur and the swamp white oak Q. bicolor. Dark green leaves with grey downy undersides; spent foliage is retained through winter, Thrives best in deep, fertile, well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. Final height in the region of 10-12m with a spread about 1/3 of the height.

Salix irrorata

Salix irrorata£39.95

Very lovely ornamental tree or large shrub. The young green shoots turn purple as they age with a striking white bloom. The male catkins have red anthers that turn yellow as they mature. Allow to grow into a mature tree or prune back each spring to control size; pollarding can also look very attractive, creating a sensational focal point in the garden in winter, Plant in full sun or pretty much any sort of decent garden soil that is moist and well drained. Both chalk and clay conditions are well tolerated. Final height: about 5m

Sequoiadendron giganteum

Sequoiadendron giganteum£39.95

Probably the largest living organism ever. Individuals in western USA have reached over 100m in height and ages of possibly up to 4000 years, native range restricted to the Sierra Nevada. Evergreen and hardy, a height of perhaps 30m is probable in East Anglia.

Syringa reticulata

Syringa reticulata£29.95

A rare, small to medium sized deciduous tree tree growing to a height of 4-6m, possibly more, and is in fact the only species of lilac that routinely will grow into a fully fledged tree. Leaves are elliptic-acute, mid-green, much like other lilacs. The strongly fragrant flowers are white or creamy-white, produced in broad panicles up to 30cm in length. Native to eastern Asia, and fully hardy. Plant in fertile soil that is moist and well drained, in full sun or light shade.

Taxodium distichum

Taxodium distichum£29.95

Swamp Cyprus. Despite its name this tree will grow very well in any reasonable spot, potentially reaching 20m or more. Deciduous, the leaves open pale green and turn to a rich golden brick-red in autumn before dropping.

Tilia cordata

Tilia cordata£34.95

Deciduous large tree columnar in shape. Green rounded leaves turning yellow in the autumn. Pale yellow flowers in summer. H:25m. Hardy. Sun or partial shade. Well-drained soil.

Tilia henryana

Tilia henryana£29.95

A really striking form of lime tree, native to western China. Very large grey-green leaves have distinctive and very ornamental 'ciliate' margins and long drip tips, pale grey fissured bark. Very small fragrant flowers grow in clusters in the spring time. Fully hardy, and probably growing to some 10-15 metres in height eventually.

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