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Ornamental trees

We stock a large range of ornamental trees, to suit all gardens small and large.  Other than during the early winter period, our trees are containerised into pots, ranging from 7.5 litres to 20 litres.  The great majority of our trees are 6 to 8 feet tall and will readily fit into an estate car.

We are happy to deliver trees, charges being based on the return mileage from the nursery.

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Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'

Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'£49.95

Recently introduced this is a weeping form of the well-loved 'Forest Pansy', making it much better suited to smaller gardens. Rich burgundy-red foliage make this is an excellent specimen small tree or large shrub and great visual foil for complimentary planting. Fully hardy. H: 2-3m

Cercis canadensis var. texensis 'Texas White'

Cercis canadensis var. texensis 'Texas White'£36.00

A remarkable white form of the more typically purple-flowered 'Judas Tree' found by chance on a nursery in Texas in the 1960s. White flowers are borne in profusion on bare wood in early spring, followed by green heart-shaped foliage that turns golden yellow in the autumn. Robust and easy to grow in fertile soils, tolerant of a little shade as well. Fully hardy. H:2-4m

Cercis chinensis

Cercis chinensis£29.95

Wonderful ornamental tree originating from China. Normally grows as a large spreading shrub, with pinky- white pea-like flowers emerging directly from the stems in spring. Large, elegant leaves. Enjoys deep fertile soils in full sun or light shade and is very easy to grow. Fully hardy. H:2-4m

Chitalpa tashkentensis 'Summer Bells'£59.95

Extremely exotic and ornamental cross between Catalpa (Indian bean tree) and Chilopsis. Elegant, narrow willow-like foliage, and spectacular displays of clusters of frilled pink flowers, carried on new growth in June to August. Fully hardy and robust, growing to perhaps 8-10m in time. Best in full sun and moist but well drained soil. Highly desirable ornamental tree.

Cladrastis kentukea (syn. lutea)

Cladrastis kentukea (syn. lutea)£39.95

Lovely spreading tree with bright green leaves 30cm long. Fragrant white flowers in spring. Yellow leaves in autumn. H:12m. Hardy but protect from strong winds. Full sun and some moisture preferred.

Corylus colurna£44.95

Turkish Hazel. Forms a beautifully symmetrical pyramidal crown, perhaps some 10 to 15m in height eventually, although perhaps one half that in East Anglia. Deeply furrowed bark, dark green foliage, long male catkins in spring. Edible nuts. Fully hardy.

Crataeagus mordenensis 'Toba'

Crataeagus mordenensis 'Toba'£29.95

Morden hawthorn. A hybrid form of hawthorn growing into a small and very hardy tree. Leaves are glossy and deeply incised, whilst the masses of clustered small creamy-white flowers fade to pale pink most prettily. Small red fruit in autumn. Very tolerant of all sorts of soil conditions, climates and aspects, making a lovely small to medium sized ornamental tree. H:4-6m.

Crataegus laevigata 'Punicea (Syn. Crimson Cloud)(Smaller plants)'

Crataegus laevigata 'Punicea (Syn. Crimson Cloud)(Smaller plants)'£25.00

Wonderful small sturdy tree providing loads of colour. Very floriferous and fragrant in spring. The flowers are pink with a small white star in the centre followed by small glossy red fruits. Leaves are small and lobed and this variety is resistant to leaf blight. Thorn less. H:5-6m. Full sun or partial shade. Well drained soil. Hardy.

Crataegus persimilis prunifolia 'Splendens'£34.95

Rounded deciduous thorny tree with large glossy green leaves turning brilliant orange-red in autumn. Dense white flowers with pink anthers in early summer followed by red fruit. Hardy. Full sun or partial shade. AGM. H:4-8m.

Davidia involucrata

Davidia involucrata£39.95

Conical tree with attractive toothed leaves. When mature (5-15 years) produces flowers, each surrounded by spectacular large white bracts. Fully hardy. H: 10m

Euonymus wilsonii£19.95

A rare and evergreen shrub, capable of climbing, with elegant lanceolate leaves tapering to a long slender point. Fruits are highly characteristic, hanging on a stalk perhaps 30mm long, forming a yellow capsule (aril) loosely resembling a hedgehog. Introduced from Mt Omei in western China in 1904. Fully hardy and very tolerant of most soils and aspects. Final height:3-4m

Fagus sylvatica

Fagus sylvatica£34.95

Splendid, spreading large tree. Glossy green leaves turning yellow-orange-brown in autumn. Hardy. Will thrive best on well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. AGM. H:25m.

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