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Ornamental trees

We stock a large range of ornamental trees, to suit all gardens small and large.  Other than during the early winter period, our trees are containerised into pots, ranging from 7.5 litres to 20 litres.  The great majority of our trees are 6 to 8 feet tall and will readily fit into an estate car.

We are happy to deliver trees, charges being based on the return mileage from the nursery.

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Prunus litigiosa£34.95

Perfect for smaller gardens, Prunus litigiosa has a distinctly upright and columnar habit, taking up very little space. Produces masses of pure white flowers in spring, each hanging on its own stem, and each flower has pendant stamens, the overall effect being most distinctive and very pretty. Fully hardy and easy to grow in fertile, moist and well drained soil. H: 3m

Prunus maackii 'Amber Beauty'£29.95

Prunus maackii Amber Beauty is a really good alternative to the Thibetan cherry (Prunus serrula) on account of its gloriously shiny golden orange bark which will brighten the garden all year round. Small, fragrant white flowers in spring and small cherry-like black fruit in late summer. Plant in full sun or light shade on any decent garden soil. Easy to grow and fully hardy, H:6-8m

Prunus nipponica var. kurilensis 'Ruby'£29.95

Lovely choice for smaller gardens, Prunus kurilensis 'Ruby' flowers early in the spring with a mass of soft pink flowers and is often multi-stemmed, forming more of an upright shrub than a tree. Autumn foliage is a vivid mix of reds and oranges. Tolerates most planting conditions in full sun or light shade. Fully hardy. H: 1.5 to 3m

Prunus padus 'Colorata'

Prunus padus 'Colorata'£29.95

This is a very beautiful form of the European Bird Cherry, with plum-purple shoots and pale pink flowers in drooping racemes; orange-red foliage in autumn. Full sun required for best flowering, but very tolerant of poor soils. Fully hardy. H: about 7m

Prunus serrula£37.50

Beautiful ornamental tree with copper (looks varnished) bark that peels. Small insignificant white flowers In late spring. Oval dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn. Native to Yunnan and Sichuan provinces in south-west China. H:10m. Hardy.

Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea'

Prunus x subhirtella 'Autumnalis Rosea'£39.95

Deciduous spreading tree. In mild winters produces a profusion of semi-double pink flowers. Dark green leaves turning yellow in the autumn. Hardy. Full sun. H:5m.

Prunus x yedoensis

Prunus x yedoensis£29.95

Raised in Japan and not found in the wild; often referred to as the Tokyo Cherry due to the huge numbers planted there. Masses of pale pink-white flowers in spring. Excellent choice for a lawn specimen. Fully hardy. Height: 5-7m

Ptelea trifoliata 'Aurea'£29.95

Large, upright and deciduous tree or shrub, with aromatic bark, scented bright green-yellow leaves, turning dark green then yellow in the autumn. Tolerates light shade, prefers well drained soil. Fully hardy. H: 8m

Quercus ellipsoidalis 'Hemelrijk'£29.95

A substantial, handsome tree, a very good choice as a stand-alone specimen and for dramatic autumn colour. Fully hardy and robust, this is a form of 'pin oak' with large rich green leaves, deeply serrated with each serration ending in a fine 'pin'. Foliage turns vivid red later on, a show that may persist form some weeks, and the spent foliage persists through the winter in a rich cinnamon-brown. Best in rich and fertile soils that are reasonably moist - indeed even quite wet soils are well tolerated.. Fully hardy. Final height will be in the range 10-12m

Quercus ilex

Quercus ilex£29.95

Native to the Mediterranean fringe east to Pakistan, this extremely hardy, evergreen oak will form a handsome, broadly spreading tree up to 15-20m in height. Full sun or semi shade.

Quercus pontica£28.95

Rare deciduous tree, sometimes grown as a multi-stemmed shrub.. Native to the Caucasus, north-east Turkey and Armenia. Very large dark green leaves, up to 20cm in length, changing to yellow in autumn and then to brownish-copper in winter. Grow in full or light shade on moist, fertile but well drained soils. Fully hardy. H: 4-6m.

Quercus robur£35.00

Very handsome long lived deciduous tree, capable of reaching great age and size. Prefers full sun. H: can reach 35m when mature. Lobed and nearly sessile (short-stalked) leaves. Flowers in the spring and acorns (2cm long with a peduncle or stalk) in the autumn. Eventually produces wonderful gnarled branches. Hardy

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