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Shrub, climbing and rambling roses

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Rosa  'Aloha'

Rosa 'Aloha'£11.95

Climbing rose. Really beautiful. Large extremely fragrant blooms of deep rose pink with coral shadings. Free flowering and healthy. A large shrub or short climber. Perpetual flowering. 3m x 1.8m.

Rosa  'Buff Beauty'

Rosa 'Buff Beauty'£11.95

Shrub rose. Hybrid musk. Clusters of apricot yellow full blooms. Spreading growth, dark green foliage. Scented. Perpetual, repeat flowering. 1.2m x 1.2m.

Rosa  'Charles de Mills'

Rosa 'Charles de Mills'£11.95

Gallica shrub rose. Superb variety. Large quartered blooms packed with petals of maroon and purple. Dark green foliage. Light fragrance. Summer flowering. 1.2mx1.2m.

Rosa  'Chl÷e'

Rosa 'Chl÷e'£11.95

Shrub rose. Large very double blooms of blush pink. Rich scent. A robust and healthy variety, introduced in 1999, that develops into a bushy well balanced shrub. Continuous, repeat flowering. Size 120 x 100 cm. Hardy

Rosa  'Compassion'

Rosa 'Compassion'£11.95

Climber. Harkness 1973. Large H.T. shaped blooms of salmon pink with apricot orange. Excellent fragrance. Repeat flowering. 3m x 1.8m.

Rosa  'Debutante'

Rosa 'Debutante'£11.95

Rambling rose, introduced in 1920. This very pretty rose has distinguished clusters of small double mid-pink blooms on a useful pliable rambler, so excellent for training around an arbor for example. Apple-scented. Healthy. Summer flowering until late on in the season. 3.5m x 3m.

Rosa  'Duchesse de Montebello'

Rosa 'Duchesse de Montebello'£11.95

Gallica shrub rose. Full, quartered cupped blooms. Blush pink on the outside fading to white at the centre of each bloom. Wonderful perfume. Summer flowering. 1.2m x 0.9m. 1829

Rosa  'Ellen Willmott'

Rosa 'Ellen Willmott'£11.95

Shrub rose. Hybrid tea. Single blooms in clusters of cream laced with pink. Eye catching claret coloured stems. Vigorous. Dark foliage. Perpetual flowering. 90cm x 90 cm.

Rosa  'Ferdinand Pichard'

Rosa 'Ferdinand Pichard'£11.95

Hybrid perpetual shrub rose, introduced in 1921. Striking blooms of crimson streaked on pink background, perpetual, repeat flowering and richly scented. 1.5m x 1.2m.

Rosa  'Fru Dagmar Hastrup'

Rosa 'Fru Dagmar Hastrup'£11.95

Rugosa shrub rose, introduced in 1914. Large single clear pink blooms with a strong spicy fragrance. Large red round fruit. Compact growth. Good Autumn foliage. Very healthy. Perpetual, repeat flowering. 1.2m x 1.2m

Rosa  'Goldfinch'

Rosa 'Goldfinch'£10.95

Rambling rose. Golden yellow in bud fading to cream when open. Very pretty! The semi- double blooms are scented. A virtually thornless Multiflora type rambler. Summer flowering. Size:3m x 2m.

Rosa  'Lord Penzance'

Rosa 'Lord Penzance'£11.95

Shrub rose. Small single yellow fragrant flowers with buff edges. Wonderful apple-scented foliage. Forms a stout branching shrub. Does well in poor soil. Summer flowering. Size:1.8 x 1.8m.

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Page 1 of 3:    36 Items