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Shrub, climbing and rambling roses

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Rosa 'Aglaia'£10.95

Rosa  'Agnes'

Rosa 'Agnes'£10.95

Rugosa shrub rose. Beautiful large fully double blooms of rich butter yellow. Good scent. Summer flowering. 1.5m x 1.2m. Canada 1922

Rosa  'Alain Blanchard'

Rosa 'Alain Blanchard'£10.95

Gallica shrub rose with deep crimson semi-double flowers mottled with purple and pink. Showy golden stamens Good scent. Dark stems mid-green serrated foliage. Summer flowering. Size:1.5m x 1.5m.

Rosa  'Albertine'

Rosa 'Albertine'£10.95

1921. Rambling rose. A continually popular rose with masses large flowers, salmon in the bud opening to coppery pink. Heavy scent. Glossy foliage. Very thorny. Summer flowering. 4.5m x 4.5m.

Rosa  'Aloha'

Rosa 'Aloha'£10.95

Climbing rose. Large extremely fragrant blooms of deep rose pink with coral shadings. Free flowering and healthy. A large shrub or short climber. Perpetual flowering. 3m x 1.8m.

Rosa  'Altissimo'

Rosa 'Altissimo'£10.95

Blood red modern climbing rose, excellent for temperate climates. Uniformly red, single flowers (10cm) with dark stamens occur on clusters on long stems. Almost constant, repeat flowering. Little scent but large orange hips. Dark green, healthy leaves. 3m x 2m.

Rosa  'Anemone'

Rosa 'Anemone'£10.95

Climbing rose. Unusual single clematis-like flower of mauvish pink with a silky appearance. Pretty golden stamens. Fragrant. Shiny green foliage with brown stems. Vigorous. Repeat flowering. 2m x 2m.

Rosa  'Blanche Double de Coubert'

Rosa 'Blanche Double de Coubert'£10.95

Rugosa shrub rose introduced by Cochet in 1892. Large semi-double fragrant blooms of the purest white. Healthy mid green foliage. Almost continuous, repeat flowering. Large, squat orange hips. 1.8m x 1.5m

Rosa  'Bobbie James'

Rosa 'Bobbie James'£10.95

Multiflora rambling rose. Masses of fragrant white lightly double small flowers with golden stamens, followed by small orange-red hips. Strong and musky scent. H: 5m

Rosa  'CÚleste (Syn. Celestial)'

Rosa 'CÚleste (Syn. Celestial)'£10.95

Large shrub rose.Superbly scented, soft pink double blooms and attractive grey green foliage. Healthy grower. Size 2m x 1.2m. Summer flowering.

Rosa  'Charles de Mills'

Rosa 'Charles de Mills'£10.95

Gallica shrub rose. Superb variety. Large quartered blooms packed with petals of maroon and purple. Dark green foliage. Light fragrance. Summer flowering. 1.2mx1.2m.

Rosa  'Climbing Iceberg'

Rosa 'Climbing Iceberg'£10.95

Climbing form of this classic rose. Clusters of pure white semi- double blooms with light green foliage. Robust and healthy. Good pillar rose. repeat flowering, and gives a magnificent display from June-October. Size:3.6m x 2.4m.

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Page 1 of 7:    83 Items