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Abelia grandiflora

Abelia grandiflora£9.95

Semi-evergreen arching shrub with glossy leaves, bearing white-pink flowers from summer to autumn. Prefers full sun and well drained soil; shelter from cold wind. Frost hardy. H:3m

Abutilon  'Nabob'

Abutilon 'Nabob'£9.95

Bold, sun-loving shrub for a sunny and reasonably sheltered position. Bright red flowers produced in profusion over a long summer season. Enjoys full sun and moist but well drained soils. Hardy to -5C, possibly colder when mature. H: about 2m

Abutilon milleri

Abutilon milleri£12.95

Bold, sun-loving shrub for a sunny and reasonably sheltered position. Bright yellow flowers contrast strongly with the vivid red calyx. Enjoys full sun and moist but well drained soils. Hardy to -5C, possibly colder when mature. H: about 2m

Anisodontea  'El Royo'

Anisodontea 'El Royo'£14.95

An evergreen, woody-based shrubs with palmately-lobed leaves and saucer-shaped, five-petalled silky red flowers from early summer until autumn. Best planted in a pot and over-wintered in a conservatory or frost free glass house, but mature Anisodontea can tolerate light frosts in sheltered positions, such as a courtyard. Prune early in the year to encourage fresh flower-bearing shoots and feed regularly. Frost hardy to 0C.

Artemisia  'Powis Castle'

Artemisia 'Powis Castle'£5.95

Vigorous evergreen subshrub grown for its aromatic silvery grey and finally cut leaves. Sunny, well drained position for best result, and a light trim each spring. Fully hardy. H:1m.

Buddleia alternifolia

Buddleia alternifolia£9.95

A rare, large deciduous shrub or small tree bearing abundant, arching and elegant branches bearing fragrant lilac-coloured flowers on previous year's growth. Prefers full sun and moist but well drained soil. Final height may be as much as 7m, and once established produces vast number of flowers Trim after flowering. Native to China. AGM

Buddleia lindleyana

Buddleia lindleyana£12.95

Upright arching shrub, panicles of dark violet flowers are borne in late summer. Fully Hardy. Prefers full sun. Native to China. H: up to 2m

Callistemon  'Mauve Mist'

Callistemon 'Mauve Mist'£39.95

Sun-loving and drought-resistant shrub from Australia,. Grown for its mauve 'bottle brush' flowers. Best in full sun, and poor, well drained soil, sheltered from cold northerly winds. In colder areas consider keeping in a pot and over-wintering in a cool glasshouse or conservatory. Hardy to at least 0C and probably -5C when slightly mature, gaining hardiness with age.. H:1-3m

Specimens exceed 2m in height

Callistemon pityoides

Callistemon pityoides£24.95

This is a small evergreen tree or medium shrub with aromatic olive green, lance shaped leaves. Small pale yellow flower spikes are born in early summer. Plant in neutral to acid, moderately fertile and well drained soil in full sun. H:1m.

Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Heavenly Blue'£8.95

Hardy shrub with grey-green aromatic leaves. Mid blue flowers over a long period, from mid to late summer and into -autumn. Prefers a sunny position. Final height will be about 1m. Cut back in spring.

Cestrum elegans

Cestrum elegans£17.95

A vigorous, evergreen shrub with arching branches, mid-green leaves and clusters of pink-red flowers in summer and autumn followed by purple-red fruit. Best grown in full sun and moist but well drained soil, preferably in a sheltered and sunny position. Native to the southern USA and South America to Chile. Hardy to -5C, possibly colder when more mature. Poisonous if ingested.

Chaenomeles speciosa 'Moerloosei'

Chaenomeles speciosa 'Moerloosei'£12.95

Thorny shrub with glossy green leaves. Creamy-pink flowers emerge from pink buds in spring on older wood, fading to a rich, deep pink ,followed by large yellow-flushed red fruit in late summer - perfect for jelly-making. Fully hardy and equally content in full sun or even quite pronounced shade. Trim back to shape after flowering but avoid heavy pruning if possible. H:1-2m.

Chaenomeles x superba 'Lemon and Lime'

Chaenomeles x superba 'Lemon and Lime'£12.95

A rare and much sought after variety of flowering quince. Flowers open pale lemony-lime and fade to white. Medium sized shrub, which can be usefully trained to scramble up a wall. Enjoys partial shade or full sun. H: 2m

Chionanthus retusus

Chionanthus retusus£59.95

A most elegant and rare shrub , potentially a small tree, from the Far East, bearing masses delicate sprays of fragrant white flowers in early summer. Fringe trees grow best in quite sheltered positions on reliably moist an reasonably rich soil, so improve with well rotted garden compost before planting. Fully hardy.

Choisya ternata

Choisya ternata£9.95

Glossy evergreen medium-sized shrub. Fragrant white flowers in late spring and in summer/autumn. Ideal for a sunny corner. Frost hardy. Well-drained soils in full sun will give the best results. Protect from cold winds by planting in south or south-west facing positions. H:2.5m. AGM

Cistus populifolius ssp. Major

Cistus populifolius ssp. Major£9.95

Sun-loving, upright, evergreen shrub, which will do best on sharply draining soil, in full sun and sheltered from the worst winter winds. This form has unusually large white flowers with golden stamens in early summer. Cut back lightly after flowering to encourage new growth. Fully hardy. H:1m

Cistus x heterocalyx 'Chelsea Bonnet'

Cistus x heterocalyx 'Chelsea Bonnet'£9.95

Medium-sized evergreen shrub bearing a profusion of single white flowers with yellow centres in summer. Cistus 'Chelsea Bonnet' thrives best in a hot, sunny position, in well drained and even poor soils. Trim back lightly after flowering to encourage bushiness. Fully hardy, but do not plant where cold northerly winds predominate. H:about 1m.

Cistus x laxus 'Snow White'

Cistus x laxus 'Snow White'£9.95

Cistus 'Snow White' is an evergreen shrub with sticky green leaves which will produce a succession of pure white, bowl-shaped flowers. Each flower lasts one day and is highlighted by a central crown of golden anthers. Flowering persists over several weeks in summer. Thrives in full sun and well drained soils, and once established is very drought tolerant. Trim back lightly after flowering to encourage bushiness. Fully hardy. H: 1m

Cistus x lenis 'Grayswood Pink (syn. Silver Pink)'

Cistus x lenis 'Grayswood Pink (syn. Silver Pink)'£9.95

Sun-loving semi-evergreen hardy perennial shrub, producing numerous delicate pink flowers in early summer; flowers best in poorer and well drained soils. Height and spread- up t o 90cm

Clethra alnifolia 'Pink Spire'

Clethra alnifolia 'Pink Spire'£9.95

Upright, deciduous shrub with abundant, sweetly-scented pink flowers in late summer. Will attracts bees and other pollinating insects. Prefers light shade, moist but well drained soil; resents chalky soils. Prune to size in the spring if required to control overall size. H+W: 1-2m

Convolvulus cneorum

Convolvulus cneorum£6.50

Compact evergreen shrub with silver leaves. White flowers from spring to summer. Prefers full sun and good drainage; frost hardy; prune lightly after flowering. H: 40cm; W: 60cm.

Cornus alba elegantissima

Cornus alba elegantissima£9.95

Potentially large, upright, deciduous shrub. Grey-green leaves, with irregular white margins and white flowers in early summer. Vigorous and capable of making a large shrub in a few seasons - hard pruning in spring will control this and also encourage the growth of bright red fresh stems, Very robust. Hardy. H:3m.

Cornus controversa variegata

Cornus controversa variegata£34.95

An exceptionally beautiful small tree, with flat layers of branches ('tabulated') with green and silver-margined foliage. Cream flowers in May and small black fruits in autumn add further appeal. Native to China. H: 2-4m

Cornus florida 'Cherokee Princess (larger plants)'

Cornus florida 'Cherokee Princess (larger plants)'£79.95

Very beautiful deciduous small tree or large shrub. Profuse flowering in early summer with large and distinctive white bracts around each flower. Lighter green leaves than the parent species. Sun or part shade on moist but well drained soil, but not chalky conditions. H: up to 3-5m.

Cornus florida f. rubra 'Red Giant'

Cornus florida f. rubra 'Red Giant'£49.95

Raised in Japan, and noted for its very large leaves which turn fiery red in the autumn. The flowers also are larger than usual with prominent light pink bracts. Will make an outstanding specimen small tree. Fully hardy. Best in full sun or light shade in rich and slightly moister soils - mulch well!. H:2-5m

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Page 1 of 5:    111 Items

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