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Ribes speciosum

Ribes speciosum£8.95

Hardy, spreading shrub, preferring dappled shade or sun in dry gardens. H:1-3m. Bristly, spiny stems and lobed dark green leaves. Attractive tubular fuchsia-like dark red flowers followed by orange fruits.

Romneya coulteri

Romneya coulteri£9.95

Very attractive shrubby perennial with heavily dissected grey-green leaves. Large delicate white poppy heads, with pronounced yellow yolks for centres, in summer. Full sun. Well drained soil. H: 1.5m. Vigorous.

Rosmarinus  'Miss Jessop's Upright'

Rosmarinus 'Miss Jessop's Upright'£4.95

A erect form of this well-loved hardy, aromatic evergreen shrub. Pale blue flowers in summer. Cut back in spring to encourage new growth; ideal for cooking. H: 1-1.5m

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Rosea'£5.95

Fully hardy, aromatic evergreen shrub, unusually with pink flowers as opposed to the more common blue, flowers in summer. Cut back in spring to encourage new growth; ideal for cooking. H: 1-1.5m

Rubus  'Betty Ashburner'

Rubus 'Betty Ashburner'£5.50

Creeping, evergreen shrub, with glossy leaves hairy stems and indefinite extent. Small white flowers in summer. Excellent ground cover in sun or partial shade. Fully hardy. H: 30cm

Rubus irenaeus

Rubus irenaeus£6.50

Vigorous spreading shrub. Large, glossy leaves on vigorous runners. Orangy-red attractive fruits in late summer. Ground cover. Fully hardy. Part shade preferred but otherwise very tough and tolerant of a wide range of conditions.

Sarcoccoca ruscifolia

Sarcoccoca ruscifolia£9.95

Evergreen shrub for light shade. Extremely fragrant small white flowers in late winter followed by bright red fruits. This variety has characteristically narrow and pointed leaves. Fully hardy. H: about 75cm

Sarcococca confusa

Sarcococca confusa£6.50

Evergreen bushy medium sized growing shrub. Hardy. Small tapering leaves. Heavily fragrant white flowers in winter flollowed by black fruits. Shade preferred. Fertile soil. H:1.5m. Hardy.

Sarcococca wallichii

Sarcococca wallichii£7.95

A rare evergreen shrub that prefers a warm sheltered garden. Native of Nepal. This lovely Sweet Boxi has large, glossy, bright green leaves and masses of sweetly scented white flowers in winter. H:2m. Semi shade or light sun. Moist but well drained soil. Do not plant in a windy corner or frost pocket.

Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green'

Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green'£12.95

Beautiful ornamental evergreen shrub suitable for shade. Glossy elliptical leaves. Racemes of buds develop in Autumn with highly fragrant creamy-sulphur yellow flowers in late winter-early spring. H:60cm; W: 1m

Staphylea colchica

Staphylea colchica£19.95

Shrub grown for its fragrant bell-shaped white flowers in late spring, followed by greenish white bladder like fruit. Hardy. H: up to 3.5m. Full sun or partial shade. Well-drained soil. AGM.

Syringa 'Pink Perfume'£49.95

Lovely ornamental shrub that will flower over a very extended period - very well suited to smaller gardens that need such versatility. Syringa Pink Perfume is quite compact so can be grown in a large pot but do keep well watered and regularly fed. Trim back lightly after the first major spring flush of flowers to keep neat and tidy. Fully hardy. Grow in full sun or light shade in a moist but well drained fertile soils. Final height: 1-2m if kept trimmed

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Page 8 of 10:    113 Items

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