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Philadelphus delavayi

Philadelphus delavayi
 Philadelphus delavayiPhiladelphus delavayi 
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Common name:  Mock Orange
Type:  Shrub
Aspect:  Prefers partial shade
Colour:  White
Season:  Summer
Soil:  Moist and well drained
Size:  Large
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A upright shrub with arching branches up to 3m high.. The leaves are broadly oval, rounded at the base, slender-pointed, toothed and up to 100mm in length, dark green and sparsely hairy above, rather densely coated with hairs beneath. The flowers are very fragrant, up to 30mm across and produced in clusters of seven to eleven with pure white petals that are roundish-oval and often deeply toothed. As is characteristic of all philadelpus flowers are carried on the previous years growth and appear in early summer..

Native of W. China, S.E. Tibet, and N. Burma; discovered and introduced by the Abbé Delavay in 1887. It first flowered in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, in 1891. However, most of the plants now in British gardens were raised from seeds collected by George Forrest in W. Yunnan.

Philadelphus delavayi P. delavayi is a vigorous plant with strikingly large leaves and a magnificent display flowrs: it makes for an exceptionally fine and beautiful large hardy garden shrub, even though it remains relatively rare and unknown in UK horticulture

Plant in partial shade to full-sun in rich but not water-logged soils. Fully hardy. Prune old wood hard after flowering, perhaps cutting out 1/3 in an established plant. This will lead to fresh shoots forming in the current summer which will bear flowers in the following year.